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Farewell by Kasuki Yasuo 1958

I went to the No Museum! No Life! exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art which was quite interesting.  All about how an exhibition is put together ie behind the scenes.

There was a video about 2 Japanese guys moving empty cardboard boxes from one place to another.  At first I was how banal it was then I couldn’t stop laughing.  The absurdity and futility of menial tasks that just have to be done to accomplish something.  And the Japanese do it so gallantly!!

A Project, seven boxes and movement at the museum, 2012

Boxes film

Gray Scramble XII double by Frank Stella 1968 (2)

Prelude to the Operating Systems of the Future City.  A great little exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site in Iidabashi.  Kind of organising things which prey on our minds and expressing it in a visual way.

Top marks go to the thoroughly interesting book called Heteropolis by AdaptiveActions (NOT Charles Jencks – another book entirely).  I hope to get a copy sometime very soon.



I came across this church today with the noticeboard offering a biblical image by Sadao Watanabe.  Very interesting as he was a student of Keisuke Serizawa.

The Last Supper by Sadao Watanabe

ribbons and bells 01

ribbons and bells 02

Really interesting exhibition, well thought out and had structure.  He knows well the atrocities of the Vietnam war, however, he has been able to put a much more objective perspective on it (probably due to being brought up in America).  This attitude made it more comfortable for the viewer.  Also because as he remonstrated, the Vietnamese War was always told by American vets and rarely Vietnamese get to tell the story themselves.

The cardigan is double-hooded.  Agent orange being a reason.

Dinh Q. Le 01

Dinh Q. Le 02

Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 01


Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 02

Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 03

Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 04

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