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Very, very interesting.  All about behind and in front of the camera.  He started selfies over 20 years ago and was a master of them!

Masahisa Fukase 01

Masahisa Fukase 02

Masahisa Fukase 03

Masahisa Fukase 04

Masahisa Fukase 05

d47 Museum Fukuoka 01

d47 Museum Fukuoka 02

d47 Museum Fukuoka 03

Colour everywhere!  Collage style, experimental, impact.  It’s great!  Feminists probably wouldn’t approve of the objectifying of women but I suppose that was the style then …

theatre poster 01

theatre poster 02

theatre poster 03

theatre poster 04

theatre poster 06

theatre poster 07

I’m not mad about science fiction – guessing games about the distant future – for me this isn’t reality and I don’t feel grounded.

Hiroki Tsukuda however has done some brilliant slices of life pushed together in a futuristic way.

Hiroki Tsukuda 01

Hiroki Tsukuda 02

Hiroki Tsukuda 03

Hiroki Tsukuda 04

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