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Farewell by Kasuki Yasuo 1958


I went to the No Museum! No Life! exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art which was quite interesting.  All about how an exhibition is put together ie behind the scenes.

There was a video about 2 Japanese guys moving empty cardboard boxes from one place to another.  At first I was how banal it was then I couldn’t stop laughing.  The absurdity and futility of menial tasks that just have to be done to accomplish something.  And the Japanese do it so gallantly!!

A Project, seven boxes and movement at the museum, 2012

Boxes film

Gray Scramble XII double by Frank Stella 1968 (2)

Still backtracking but getting there.  This exhibition was shown in 2010 and was  thoroughly interesting.  My favourite are the rabbit ear chairs.  So adorable!

The gallery is actually a part of the National Museum of Modern – though about a 1km walk away.

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