ribbons and bells 01

ribbons and bells 02


Really interesting exhibition, well thought out and had structure.  He knows well the atrocities of the Vietnam war, however, he has been able to put a much more objective perspective on it (probably due to being brought up in America).  This attitude made it more comfortable for the viewer.  Also because as he remonstrated, the Vietnamese War was always told by American vets and rarely Vietnamese get to tell the story themselves.

The cardigan is double-hooded.  Agent orange being a reason.

Dinh Q. Le 01

Dinh Q. Le 02

Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 01


Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 02

Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 03

Existence and Space by Suh Do Ho and Po Po 04

Walked into this by mistake!

Momoclo puppets

Tokyo Metro poster August 2015

It’s that time of year again.  The long, long walk from Shimo Akatsuka station to Itabashi Art Museum.  I KNEW I’d forgotten somewhere to visit when I saw the botanical garden a few days ago.  Could have killed 2 birds with one stone.  Anyway, this year, I feel, was heaps better than last year … ie a lot less wishy washy.  Or rather it made concrete in drawing style a lot more of my screenplay ideas.


I met Emmannuelle Moreaux a few years ago at a Tokyo design exhibition.  She was/is such a lovely person!  When I spoke to her she told me that she had studied architecture in France for 7 years but … when she came to Tokyo, she had to study for another 7 years because Japanese design (plus seismic things to take into account) is completely different.  Finally I have seen a couple of her things.  Just love the abundance of colour.  In particular the Shimura branch of Sugamo Shinkin bank because it so closely resembles (in my mind) Japanese temples with all their levels, a bit like a pagoda.  I really hope she manages to redesign all the Sugamo Shinkin banks across the country!  The rainbow of colours is such an inspiration and very, very unusual for Japanese banks to ‘update’ the austere banking architecture ie not just the signs.

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