I met Emmannuelle Moreaux a few years ago at a Tokyo design exhibition.  She was/is such a lovely person!  When I spoke to her she told me that she had studied architecture in France for 7 years but … when she came to Tokyo, she had to study for another 7 years because Japanese design (plus seismic things to take into account) is completely different.  Finally I have seen a couple of her things.  Just love the abundance of colour.  In particular the Shimura branch of Sugamo Shinkin bank because it so closely resembles (in my mind) Japanese temples with all their levels, a bit like a pagoda.  I really hope she manages to redesign all the Sugamo Shinkin banks across the country!  The rainbow of colours is such an inspiration and very, very unusual for Japanese banks to ‘update’ the austere banking architecture ie not just the signs.