I went to see the Spiral Independent Creators Festival in Omotesando and was HUGELY disappointed.  I think it has become some sort of commercial enterprise, nothing really caught my eye.  Lots of childish things parading itself as art.  It seemed like it was similar to Design Festa a few years ago where ‘people doing handicraft in their bedrooms’ got a shot at displaying their goods.  Ironically Design Festa has become much much better.

Perhaps filtering would be a good idea!  I remember at PechaKucha where the presentations were sometimes dire and was astonished that none of them were seen beforehand so it was a jumble of very good and interesting through to ‘I can’t believe that was allowed in’ type of feeling.  I recognise that everyone should be able to have a go at showcasing something they’ve done but how about helping those out who do not really have a gift for making things upbeat and exciting.

Wow – harsh words today!  And the sun is shining …

A cotton bud costume outside Spiral Gallery was entertaining.

cotton bud costume 01

cotton bud costume 02