Almost everything in Japan needs to be sugar coated.  Sometimes I’m surprised that the tax office doesn’t have its own mascot … When I returned to London in Golden Week I was surprised how uncolourful everything was – until you get inside houses or shops.  Whereas it sometimes seems the opposite in Japan – neutral colours inside, bountiful colours outside.  Topsy turvy.

The first picture is a colour chart of fruit and veg poster at a museum in Matsuyama, Shikoku (down south), the second is a cartoon of a doctor checking the child’s tummy (not sure how that would be perceived in the UK …) and lastly, another cute Tokyo Metro poster – my Japanese friends aren’t on tap this week so I will venture a guess – don’t shake your umbrella and shake like a wet dog when you get on the train.  As always, ‘be considerate of others’.  If only JR and the subway would provide plastic covers for customers.  I mean, they do in all the shops I go to …

fruit and veg chart

doctor and child

don't rain on me