Copying this over from my tour of tokyo blog.

I’ve got to the point where I’d like to move towards the moving image.  After taking thousands of photos in Tokyo, I have set myself a film project.  The intertwining stories of five ‘foreign’ girls in Tokyo.  These 5 girls (or rather women) would come from 5 different countries and doing things that you might not expect, eg a female computer games creator, a woman from Africa studying at the Bunka Fashion College (top fashion college in Japan, I think), a serial dater of Japanese men – disasters and fun times, etc.  These are all ideas swirling in my head but have yet to make it to the written word in an intelligible manner.

Many ‘foreign’ guys come here to experience Japan and its ladies – though not all!  But who knows what women get up in Tokyo?  I also want to add in a touch of philosophy – individualism and ‘wa’ ie harmony that is so tight here.

Plus I want to try out a new type of film genre – film couleur (as opposed to film noir), juxtaposition of colours, colour combinations, symbolism, etc.

This will be a long road … I hope some people will help me to put these ideas together into a coherent way.  Robert Altman’s ‘Short Cuts’ and ‘Gosford Park’ plus Jim McBride’s ‘Breathless’ (American version of ‘Au Bout de Souffle’) are inspirational.

I have 6 days holiday next week and will be wandering the streets of Tokyo, thinking, photographing and starting off the first articles.

The next blog address is but there is nothing there yet.  Next week I will be on a mission to start!

Let me know if you have any stories that you would like to contribute.  Writing a screenplay is going to be an adventure.

Funnyism from one of my students.  The opposite of shorts (clothing) according to him is ‘rongs’ (hahahaha), ie longs or long pants or trousers.