In Japan, Valentine’s Day is for women to give chocolate to men and male colleagues.  And on White Day, March 14th, men give chocolate to women.  A very clever advertising move by the chocolate company, Meiji, made in the 1950s when Valentine’s Day was unknown and the Japanese didn’t really know of the tradition of giving chocolate.  Meiji twisted the ‘giving of chocolate’ to span 2 days.

Whenever I talk about Valentine’s Day with students, it is to their complete astonishment that there is only day of love around the rest of the world and that it is men who give flowers, chocolates, cards to women.

Loft is an amazing stationery store which makes delicious paper bags for upcoming occasions.  This one was for Valentine’s day but love must be recognised and reciprocated on both 14th February and 14th March.  A few of my students MADE me some chocs on Valentine’s Day but today, having no admirers … I bought some for myself!

Loft love