Is it me being British that I’m cynical?  Things just don’t seem to be ‘bouncing’ and making my heart skip a beat for the past few months in Tokyo.  Perhaps the spectaculars will come in autumn when the oppressive summer heat has died down?  Or am I just getting older?  Drinking a chu hi and listening to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  Something’s brewing, I can feel it.  Gotta get out more!!

The most interesting exhibit was a retake on a video recycled from an exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight in Roppongi.  You sit on a bike, make the pedals work and a rideable road comes up, going through various bits of architecture simply drawn.  Oh dear, going down the drain now!

Party Ginza Graphic Gallery 01

Party Ginza Graphic Gallery 02

Party Ginza Graphic Gallery 03