Copied from Pola Museum of Art

Suzuki Tsuneshi (1930 – 2000), son of the founder of Pola Orbis Group, assembled the works in the Pola Museum of Art collection over a period of 40 years. In all, there are around 9500 works, representing a range of genres, including modern European painting, modern Japanese Western-style painting, contemporary nihonga (Japanese-style painting), prints, sculpture, Oriental ceramics, modern and contemporary Japanese ceramics, glasswork, and cosmetic utensils.

The Pola Museum of Art collection, recognized as the largest, in both diversity and quality, by a Japanese post-war private collector, was created almost entirely by Suzuki Tsuneshi, a reserved person who talked little about the artworks or his collecting activities. Since the Museum’s opening, we have been interacting with the collection and making efforts to understand the artistic sense of this unassuming man. By analyzing works that strongly relate to Suzuki as an individual and as a public figure, this 10th anniversary exhibition aims to explore how Suzuki built up the collection. Further, the exhibition introduces cultural activities Suzuki Tsuneshi engaged in.

Pola Museum of Art Anemones by Renoir 1880s

Pola Museum of Art Leonard Foujita Birthday 1958

Pola Museum of Art Leonard Foujita The Waltz of the Dogs 1958

Pola Museum of Art Offering of Flowers by Shikanosuke 1964

Pola Museum of Art Roses by Sotaro 1954

Pola Museum of Art Ryusei portrait of a Reiko sitting 1919

Pola Museum of Art Scent by Yasushi 1975

Pola Museum of Art Shimmering Water by Yasushi 1992

Pola Museum of Art Water by Yasushi 1965