Despite Aida Makoto’s reputation for sexualising teenage girls, the vast majority of his work is funny, quirky, highly original and touches normal subjects!  For example, the irony of life.  There was only one room with the ‘sex part’ in it and it was cordoned off and a fairly serious warning that the images would most definitely offend.  I went in – the most shocking I saw was a girl who had stumps for arms and legs, bandaged from a serious injury and the ‘female part’ on show.  How (some) men – possibly – don’t view women as full beings, only objects.  He’s making a comment about society so I don’t think he’s really a dirty old man!

The best work for me had to be a video of himself painting.  You would think it would be like … watching paint dry but it was really exciting.  The video is on fast forward – he sits down reading a few pages from his book then paints a few streaks on the canvas.  Little by little the painting starts to take shape.  It is reading a story to the audience via paint.  At one point he shoves black paint indiscriminately and you think ‘oh no’, he might have finished and the painting looks awful.  The next day (he has changed his clothes) the painting continues and you’re pleased that it might finish the way you like it.  Funny, he has a good dose of humour about his work.

Aida Makoto 01

Aida Makoto 03

Aida Makoto 02