I’m very honoured to have received a beautiful blogger award from Preethi at


Her website always comes up with interesting takes on fashion and outfits which are inspiring.  I’m supposed to give 7 facts about myself but these perhaps could be worked out by stating my 7 New Year’s resolutions – in order of the likelihood of them happening!

1. Lose 10lbs or 4 kilos

2. Continue doing (my own version of) documentary photography

3. Write an A4 piece of paper outlining my dream job description (currently setting up a presentations school for Japanese people in Tokyo wanting to learn/speak English and for English speaking foreigners wanting to learn Japanese – on many subjects (such as business, European food, photography, architecture, anything interesting) as well as having a mini cooking and activities school, a small restaurant, etc.)

4. Learn Japanese and chuck out a few words

5. Learn how to do cool eye makeup properly

6. Relieve stress instantly when it threatens to make an appearance

7. Get an architect Japanese boyfriend, get married and have children (highly unlikely!!!)

Here are some blogs which I love … I chose them because they were written clearly and well, were highly inspirational and were kind enough to take the time to comment on my blogs.